The Lemon Law-Used Car Ripoff

My topic on this post is going to be about the lemon law. And will be discussing what the lemon laws are and what the laws are in most states. Plus how you can avoid getting ripped off and what your rights are to protect you against car dealerships that practice this kind of behavior.Plus how to obtain a lemon law lawyer if needed

What is the lemon law,

Lemon laws are for people who have bought a car, are  (products) that either doesn’t work or perform after you have bought them there is a federal lemon law and some states have their own laws to protect the consumer. There are performance and quality standards that the law goes by Federal and state but do they enforce it as they should, That is one of the things that I’m going to find out as we read further on in this subject.

Requirements for new cars,

The requirement for new cars to be considered a lemon car is it has to be a (substantial) defect that is covered under warranty that has occurred in a certain amount of time or miles after you have purchased the car and the problem was not fixed in a certain amount of tries. Most states only consider new cars under the lemon law. But there are some that consider both new and used cars. I will show you the states down below that considers used cars under the lemon law.

  • Hawaii
  • Massachusett
  • Minnesota
  • New jersey
  • New York
  • Rhode island

Federal law only considers new cars but there is an exception if a used car has a warranty it will fall under the lemon law.if you purchase a used car that has no warranty the lemon law does not cover the car that you have purchased.


Requirements for used cars,

Like I explained earlier there are only six states that cover the used car lemon is with my experience never buy a used car as is I know with some situations that you have to do what you need. to have transportation and it is sad that these dishonest dealers are out there. So if all possible and you can shop around and find that one are two honest used car dealers that are there to help you, and there are some.that will offer you a warranty but not one on the late model cars that were someone’s first car it is best if you are going to buy a used car you should go to a new car dealership that has a used car inventory.

The six-state that has recognized the used car lemon law like new York the dealer has to give the consumer a written warranty. this warranty covers the lemon law and states that repairs must be made free of charge, on any defects for covered parts. And if the car can not be fixed in a certain amount of attempt the consumer is entitled to a full refund. That excludes private sales only new York dealers that have sold at least a couple of cars in a year’s time has got to honer the lemon law.

Used car dealer-as is,

If you have to go to a used car dealer that sells everything as is a buy here pay here. Try and bring a friend or a relative that has some experience with cars. So they can look at cars you may be interested in and help you make a good decision. Check out the dealer that you are going to and see how long they have been in business if they have a business website if they do have a website look at their reviews and see what people are saying if a lot are saying they are having problems that would be a buyers alert not to deal with them most honest dealers have been in the business for years because people trust them it is just like any other honest business. They stay in business because of their honest and trustworthy

lemon law lawyers,

If the dealership is giving you a hard time about your vehicle warranty and you know how the lemon law works in your state don’t hesitate to find a good lawyer The lawyer will be there for you in the whole process the fee depends on your state and your case if you have a good case the lawyer in most cases will add on the fee at the end of the trail and the lawyer will send the defendant the lawyer fees so you pay nothing to your lawyer if you have a good case there are lawyers out there that will say that they can get you this and that without even seeing your case do not hire this kind of lawyer a good lawyer promises nothing until he goes through your whole claim to make sure he can win your case. It not easy to win a lemon law case but with an experienced lawyer you will have a greater chance of winning your case

My closing conclusion

We go through life and sometimes trust people too much and don’t get me wrong there are good honest people out there but sometimes you find the dishonest people that hurt the honest person so when we are dealing with dealers on cars used are new are any product that we are looking to purchases we should always review the product they are selling and the person selling the product it’s just like a locked door is to keep people honest because the ones that are not will break a window to get in thank you for visiting my website and I do hope it helped you out are even gave you some insight on your car purchases or any other product that you have to buy if I did help you it was my pleasure just leave a comment below if you have any questions about this subject

6 Replies to “The Lemon Law-Used Car Ripoff”

  1. Thank you for writing this article and give us a clear idea of what lemon law is. In my experience, especially because I don’t know anything about cars, mechanically speaking, it’s also the best idea to buy a new one. Of course not everyone can afford this. More and more dealerships are not to be trusted and they keep trying to find “legal” ways to ripoff people.

    1. thank you and I do agree I think  purchasing a car online is safer but in saying that there are dishonest  people everywhere and it  is sad thank you for your comments

  2. I had never heard the term lemon law before so it was intriguing to read your post and find out what it is all about. I believe this is a fair law for both new and used cars. For new I think that it’s obvious that the car must work as it is supposed to but this should apply to used cars also. There are so many car dealers out there that try to take your money by promoting less than stellar quality cars and they just want to rip you off. It’s a bit shocking that this law is only valid to six states, I was expecting it to have more support and shows how exposed we are as consumers in general.

    1. I agree about the law and I think most should let their congressman know about supporting this law in their state and thank you for your  visiting my  post 

      thank you 


  3. I really liked your article, Michael, on the Lemon Law Used Car Ripoff.

    It is true that while making any purchase, one should always be careful to check out the quality of the product and investigate the reputation of the seller, especially if it’s a big deal product like a car.

    But as with buying a car, one cannot be exactly sure that even with all the reviews, that the best car out there is guaranteed. So apart from the other six states that offer the Lemon Law for used cars, do you have any idea if the other States are working on applying the Lemon Law for used cars? Or is it just limited solely to the six states you mentioned?

    1. I have research and found that if you want to push the law in the state that you live in that does not have the lemon law and write to or call your congressman nothing will happen until we can get people to do so thank you for your question and your kind words on my website post

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