Motorcycle Tires-The five best brands

Brand name motorcycle tires are what we are going to take a look at today. As a motorcycle enthusiast for 20+ years, I have only been through maybe” 5 sets of tires.Because I was taught at a younger age that you get what you pay for. So we are going to be letting you know from start to finish on the best methods of purchasing and keeping you safe on your motorcycle so let’s jump right in. If you have any questions are comments feel free to leave them at the bottom of the post.

When to replace tires,

When it time to replace tires is very important on a motorcycle because of the fear of having it goes flat. while you are riding no one wants to go through a dangerous situation of a blow out while riding on a motorcycle. It could cause serious injury and even death if you and your bike go down. So in saying this please inspect your tires before and after each ride there are a couple of factors that come into play to know when you have to replace your motorcycle tire or tires to tires should be replaced if they show any kind of defect or a dry rot look like cracking on to sidewall or if it has a slow leak never plug a motorcycle tire.

The tires should be replaced by the millage and age of tires. your front tire should be changed if it has 3700 miles or more and is  5 years old or older. The back tire should be changed if it has1800 miles or more and if the tire is older than 5 years old it should be is in my experience when you get your tires changed to take it to a professional.we will be talking about this down below

changing motorcycle tires

If you are going to try to change tires on your own I would recommend you buy a motorcycle tire changer there are many brands out there if you do not decide to purchase a tire changer and decide to do it too hard way there are tips to go by there are two type of rims to spoke wheel and to a solid wheel spoke wheel rims require you to add a tube and when trying to change tires on this type of rim without tire changer you have a good chance of pinching to tube so if you do this be prepared to start over and buy another tube. And you could very easily damage your rim. with a solid rim changing to tire without or with a manual tire changer it is frustrating and you can damage your rim so that is why I say save the trouble for a professional.

The top five,

  1. Michelin commander II: This tire started the millage war on the cruiser tire brand. Claiming the Micheline commander II could get double the miles of its competitors. But it took away some of the quality in other areas but if you want a tire that will give you the millage this tire has what it takes. price range rears:$284.95 – $320.95- fronts:$207.95 – $257.95

2. Micheline pilot road 4:This tire comes in17 inch rims only and is built for performance and safety, they have improved this tire life span. Micheline pilot road 4 gripping and handling are great for a touring bike with the extended life compound design, they have a shorter stopping distance than all other competitive tires in its class. price range:fronts:$215.95 – $217.95 rears:$265.95 – $310.95

3.Metzeler M7RR: These tires are made for the more sporter bikes. The RR is for road race it is made for people who like riding in the cold weather because Metzeler M7rr has a lot of silica for wet weather and if you want to get into the curb and not  worry about loose sand and wet spot in the curbs this is the tire for you price range:fronts: $161.95 to $168.95 rears:$194.95 to $273.95

4. Metzeler road tech 01: this tire was made for better wear and better braking in wet weather for the ones that are going to do some long-distance riding this tire was designed to do exactly that the Metzeler road tech brand has always tried and did very well in braking distance. price range: fronts is $197.67 – $237.57,  and the rear: $248.46 – $315.67

5.Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP: the unique thing about Pirelli Diablo supercorsa sp it has tire sizes up to( 240) It has a large level in contact patch and has very long cut patterns of the tread to handle well on wet roads. this tire offers grip and durability and should make the rider very comfortable and safe while riding. Price range:fronts: 189.96_271.95 -rears $225.99 – $303.99 


Tire pressure and handling 

Keeping a  good tire pressure will keep the handling of your bike in good shape. The tire pressure varies from the size of the tire you are running on your motorcycle If the pressure is to low you will be running a soft tire witch could cause uneven tire wear and affect your pickup. Also, you could puncture a tire easier. The most common reason your tires lose air is because of a temperature change it will lose 1 psi for every 10-degree that the temperature drops. other reasons why it could be losing air is bad valve stem are a slow leak caused by an object stuck in the tire

if your tire has too much air than that means not enough of the tire is touching the ground it affects your handling and it could cause some eternal damage to your motor. And if you are running spoke rims you probably got a bad tube. solid rims are tubeless but spoke rims have tubes


My finale thoughts

I hope this post helps the new riders out there and maybe refreshed on the veteran riders I do write all of these posts on my site in hopes that it will help anyone stay safe on there ride tire is a big part in staying safe so when you get ready to hop on your machine and take it for a spin please do an inspection on it takes only a few minutes and it could save you a lot of trouble are it may even save a life thank you


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