Grand Pitstop/ Wheel Cleaning Stand Review

PRODUCT: Grandpitstop wheel cleaning stand

PRICE: $25.99-$44.99,


BIKE SIZE: 480lb -600lb

MY RATING: 4.5out of 5.0

product size: 1.76lbs

GrandPitStop Wheel Cleaning Stand: an overview

Every time I take a ride on my motorcycle I like to clean it when I’m done or even before I take off. But I always had a problem cleaning my wheels and tires with The Grand PitStop wheel cleaning stand it makes it a lot easier for me to clean them I just put my bike wheel onto the stand and turn them while I clean and with the back wheel it helps me get in the hard to reach places.

The GrandPitStop wheel cleaning stand is great for chain lubrication, tire inspection, and wheel maintenance it is compact and lightweight and the same rollers can be used for both tires.

Just roll your bike onto the cleaning stand and put your kickstand is made with non-skidding backing with a sturdy steel aluminum construction.weight is only 1.76 pounds. So you can easily carry it on your bike which is not possible with a paddock stand

It can very easily be used by one person where you do not have to bother your neighbor or wait on someone to come help you. And with the paddock stand, you would have to have someone to help you hold the bike while you strap it down. are keep the motorcycle from falling over.

Is it for all bikes: Recommendations

  • Cons; It does not work well on off-road motorcycle tires that need more effort with nobby tires.
  • Avoid sitting beside the tire while rotating it always sits on the floor behind the tire it will give you better leverage and force.
  • If the motorcycle is tilted more than usual while sitting on the Roller use a wooden block or any rigged support below your kickstand.
  • Always use your hands to rotate tire while your bike in natural never uses the engine to rotate the tire.
  • GrandPitStop is not responsible for any damage if it is used improperly always follow instructions that come with your package.
  • PROS: It is light and can easily fit in a backpack if you are going on a long trip or emergency stop for maintenance.
  • The bottom has a rubber footing to keep it stable from sliding around.
  • -The rollers and baring work smoothly They do what they are supposed to do without issues
  • -The item is basic, but the quality is there.
  • -The price is great and it works on a lot of different bikes.
  • The instruction that comes with your package is very readable and easily understood.
  • cons: You have to make sure the bike is level and sitting properly on the rollers the bike will not shift. But it doesn’t come off the roller
  • just got to make sure it is level, straight and even
  • -the next update product should have a V-shape in the middle to help keep the bike straight.


OVERALL: The product does what it was designed to do. It is easy to use and should not have any problems with it

it is built sturdy and is a quality product

wheel cleaning stand

GandPitStop Wheel Cleaning Stand-conclusion

The GrandPitStop wheel cleaning stand gets my approval and there are many other approvals on this product when it comes too easy to use and can be used for both wheels and another great thing about it is that a single person can use it is not bulky like the paddock stand and you can fit it in a backpack only negative thing I found out is that you have to keep your front wheel straight and the bike level. I would recommend this product to anyone that has a street bike so if you are looking to purchase one of these (amazon) has the cheapest price on this product

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