Mechanic tool kit:The best tools for the job

When you are working on your car, motorcycle, or just about anything with a motor you are going to want to have the right tool to work with. So in my post today we’re going to be going over all the tools you need for the job. Hopefully, you can write these down and you can build you a Machanic tool kit. and you will have the best tools for the job let’s begin.

wrench set

The wrench set: the best wrench brands

When we look at buying wrenches some people say a wrench is a wrench but this is not true saying. You have name brand wrenches that are built to last and you have some that will break the fist time you usee them. Some brands have a lifetime warranty.and some don’t so as we read on I’m going to give you the brand names of the best wrench brands.

  • Tekton Combination
  • Craftsman combinations
  • gear wrench: ratchet wrenches
  • Horusdy: ratchet wrenches
  • husky tool kit
  • Stanly wrench set
  • Mac wrench set
  • Kobalt wrench set
  • Pittsburgh  steel wrench set

These are some of the top name brands of tools so when you get ready to make your mechanic tool kit anyone of these brands would be a good choice for you now that we looked at wrench  brands it time to take a look at the socket set

The Socket Set: The best socket set brand’s,

A socket set will be one of the most important things that we add to are mechanic tool kit while you can go auto-save on some tools this should not be one of them. when looking for a socket st the sockets should have like 6 corners inside provides the better grip and higher number allow more rounding of the fasten head and you want more sockets and the set comes to SAE and metric sizes the rachet and socket quality should be what you look for. and I will give you some good brands to look at down below.

  • Teckton
  • Dewalt
  • Crescent
  • Craftsman
  • mac tools
  • Kobalt
  • husky


socket set

These are some of the best name brands for you to research and chose from you can’t go wrong with any of these brands
so don’t just go out and buy a cheap set because, in the long run, you will spend more ok we are rachet set we are going to need pliers, needle noses and vice grips, channel locks.

Plyers, Channel Locks, and Visegrips,

Plyer sets is another thing we should not scheme on. you want quality when it comes down to these types of tools and I can make a shorter brand list  on these that I have had and still do I tried being cheap on plyers and I found out the hard way of wasting money you have to have a sturdy comparable set .so let’s check for the best brands of plyers, channel locks and vise-grips

  • Channel-lock tool roll, 5 piece set
  • Erwin tool roll, 7 piece set
  • Craftsman 4 piece set

These are the three best brands fo plyers they do have other brands but after you review these three brands you can’t go wrong with any of these brands ok we are going on to screwdrivers so let us move on and look at screwdrivers for are mechanic tool kit.

ScrewDrivers Set-the good brands,

The screwdriver set is one of the tools that have to be good quality if you are like me I am rough on screwdrivers I’ve bought cheap ones and broke them the first time I use them and I have bought good ones that just ware out but they did outlast cheap ones. Down below are some great brands that you can look at and see which ones are best for you. Let me know what you think in the comment box below.

  • Craftsman:41 peace slotted, Phillips  and Torx mixed
  • Gearwrench:20 peace, Phillips  slotted and Torx head
  • Horusdy: 41peace Phillips, slotted and Torx head
  • Channel lock:7 peace slotted, Phillips,


Accessory for mechanic tool set,

When you get done looking at the tools for your mechanic tool kit

you will be needing some things that will help you in the accessory

department. While you work on your automobile so I listed a couple

things that will help you out.

  • Flashlight
  • magnet
  • overalls
  • Hand cleaner
  • universal obd II scanner
  • vehicle ramps

my final thoughts,

If you work on your vehicle or motorcycle or whatever mechanical equipment you have I do hope this list will help you out because when something breaks unexpectedly and you don’t have the right toll and you have to either borrow one from a friend are purchase one it is irritating and costly to buy a tool at a time it will get expensive.  Thank you for visiting my website. for any comments are questions please respond below and I will be happy to respond.

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