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harley davidson

Little did we know this brand of motorcycle would change history before it was put in production. It would be the leader in classic motorcycles in times to come. The (Harley Davidson) would truly live up to its name for the style, speed, and luxury among the pack and soon it became the most sought after motorcycles of its time and still till the day it is the most sought after if you like a motorcycle (Harley Davidson)has probably crossed your mind and for some it like a dream in the next few sections I will be talking about this motorcycle and it passed and present so thank you for joining me

harley davidson

The beginning/
Well I think the best place to start on this classic is from the beginning The (Harley Davidson)was founded in 1903 by William s Harley who drew up plans in 1901 for a small engine with a displacement of a 7.07 cubic inch 116 cc and a four-inch flywheel that would fit in a regular peddled bicycle frame.and over the next 2 years he and his childhood friend Arthur Davidson worked on their motorcycle in the northside Millwakiee machine shop which was at the home of there friend Henry Melk. The motorcycle was complete in 1903 with help from author brother Walter Davidson when the three tested the motorcycle the found that it was unable to climb hills around Milwaukee without peddling assistants and they wrote of there first learning experience

THE NEXT PHASE: after there 1903 learning experience William, author, and Walter began working on a new and improved machine that had a motor that was 24.74 cubic inches 405 cc and a 9.75 which is 24.8 cm flywheel that weighed 28 lb or 13kg the advance loop frame was similar to the 1903 frame that henry Melk had designed the bigger motor and the loop frame took the design out of the bicycle category and went into the future motorcycle design they also were provided help with the there bigger engine from outboard motor pioneer ole even rude and who was building gas engines on his own at the time for automotive use

the new loophole prototype was built in the back yard of the Davidson family But most of the major parts were built else were and some were fabricated at the west  Milwaukee rail shop and oldest brother William Davidson was toolroom foreman the new prototype was functional by September 8, 1904, when it entered a race at the state park with rider Edward Hildebrand finishing 4th

Introduced to the consumer,

After the state park race, the company placed advertisements in the automotive and cycle journal offering bare (Harley Davidson) motors to the do it yourself trade by April they were building complete motorcycles on a limited basis that year car lang a (Harley Davidson)dealer of Chicago had sold three bikes of the 5 that were built in the Davidsons backyard shop years later they would move there shop to Juneau avenue plant factory were it stood for decades as a tribute

Harley Davidson classics,

there are stories of(Harley Davidson) that can be read all over the internet and please take your time to read them it is a very interesting story I would like to show you some classic bike and tell you the story behind some of them

The 1948 Panhead

1948 panhead

The Panhead was one of the coolest looking engines that were ever developed with the rocker covers shaped like a pan and the stories that I’ve been told they were used for from some old bikers they told me stories on how they use to take the head pans off to cook with while they were out on the road they could cook beans to bacon with them then when they were done with them they would just wipe them out and put them back on the bike. the legend of this bike never died because it still is one of the most sought after motorcycles to this day, and the price tag has gone up on this classic at auction this bike brought over $16,600,00 and you could buy a new Harley for that price but it would not be a Panhead

The 1951 Panhead

The first flathead,

Modle w produced in 1919 til 1923 and was continued in 1924 it had a single-cylinder export model with 21 cubic inches (340 cc)30.5 cubic inch (500cc) singles and it continued in sevi cars until 1973 in the domestic us market these motorcycles are hard to find classics and the value of them are very high in excellent condition this jewel can run up to $34,480


THE knuckle was first introduced to the market in 1936 as a pre-war it was the first big twin overhead valve motorcycle of its kind the 61 cubic inch model the new bike was originally known as the 61 overhead the name knucklehead would not come for years later even though it was scheduled to appear in 1935 there was a slit problem with oil leaks and the American great depression was upon us and both problems slowed the arrival but it finally came to be a post-war motorcycle just like all the other classic that Harley produced this is a well sought after bike by collectors all over with a price tag today being the WWII bike sold for $65,000,00 and the and u model sold for $25,500

there are a lot more classic Harleys to look at like the iron-head, shovel-head and more and in my next post I will be adding more as I study the legends of (Harley Davidson) so please check back as I tell the story and update my post

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