Automotive Repair: How To Fix Exhaust,

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Porsche Exhaust Auto Environment

Automotive Exhaust, We all know how dangerous carbon monoxide is so if you have a hole in your exhaust you will need to fix this asap The danger of being killed by carbon monoxide is too great of a risk.

Small holes in the exhaust pipe, If you develop small holes in the exhaust you should first clean metal with a small putty knife and steel wool then spread some epoxy meander over the holes.





A small hole in the muffler, Clean metal thoroughly then cover wholes with epoxy also smaller holes can be plugged with short self-taping screws

Large holes in exhaust pipes, For a temporary repair, cut off the top and bottom rims of a tin can cut can down the seam then wrap the metal around the exhaust pipe over the hole. Bind tightly in place with strong flexible wire are large hose clamps.




Large holes in muffler, For a temporary repair, cut a steel or aluminum patch large enough to overlap the hole a 1/2 inch on each side Clean metal around the hole thoroughly and apply a continuous strip of epoxy mender set the patch in place and bind with a string until epoxy sets then you can drill small holes through the patch if you wish and secure the metal with self-taping screws.

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