my first set of wheel’s

I remember my first set of wheels I was around 7-years- old. It wasn’t a bicycle or motorcycle it was a skateboard. We lived in a little mobile home park where all the roads were asphalt I would ride my skateboard everywhere kicking down with one foot with the other foot on my skateboard and thought I was the coolest kid on the block I would do all kind of little tricks I thought I was Evil Knievel on 4 wheels

The park,

. The park had speed bumps that were especially fun to jump I would be outside on my skateboard from dust till dawn there weren’t many kids my age to play within the park so I didn’t have much competition until that Saturday I remember getting up early so I could do my choirs real quick and then I could go kick around on my skateboard.

new neighbors,

So I got done and told my mom what I was doing and she said ok but don’t be out too late and I went on my way one foot down and the other on my skateboard no worries in the world until I passed a moving truck coming threw the park well as a curious young boy I had to see what that was all about and where it was headed so I turned around as fast as I could so I would not lose sight of that moving van.well the van had pulled in the driveway of this moble home where nobody lived and a man and a lady got out and started to take stuff out of this truck.

The crash,

So not long after another car pulled in that very same driveway, a  little boy gets out of the car.he had a bag in one hand and a soda pop in the other I look at him and off I went one foot down and the other foot on my skateboard doing my tricks and jumping speed bumps just trying to let him know who was king of this park. well as I was going back past there new home I saw another speed bump I had some good speed built up to make that bump-jump and as soon as I hit it there I go with one foot in the air and the other foot following.

My new friend,

I hit the asphalt and was so embarrassed just couldn’t look up because I knew I was getting laugh at but to my dismay, I looked up and there his parents with him following to help me and brush me off well one of the wheels on my skateboard had lost all its barrings and I just about lost mine too but I was ok and the best thing about it I found a new friend, not just a “friend” it was my first friend and my first lesson on how to always help people no matter how you feel about them everyone needs a friend.

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