Fix A Flat: Plug It

Hello everyone thanks for visiting my website in this post we are going to be learning how to fix a flat by plugin your let go ahead and get started.

Flat Tire Vehicle Wear Street




It can be frustrating when you get up for work and find out you have a flat tire and even more frustrating is that your running late so if you have experienced this before you should have a plug kit handy or like me, I have a plug kit and a can of fix a flat that I keep just for this and as you read on I will tell you how to use these items

tools needed

  • plug kit
  • car jack
  • four-way tire tool
  • 1 can of fix a flat
  • gloves leather
  • spray bottle filled with soapy water
  • portable air compressor

how to plug a tire,

The video down below will show you step by step on how to plug your tire the easy and efficient way so please check the video out and tell Michael what you think comments and questions are welcome



  • Do not plug tire if hole is bigger than the plug
  • do not use two plugs at a time
  • if it has slow leak use the can of fix a flat and plug the hole in the tire
  • if all possible as soon as you can find a tire store have them put in an inside plug

Things to look for,

It is very important that you always keep your car in tiptop shape the tires are a very important part in your daily commute it can be dangerous to have mix match tires that are worn with no tread and showing any wires if you developed a wobble or a shake check your tires and make sure you have no bad tires. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FRONT END LINED UP.


It is always important that you keep your tires in great shape to stay safe not the roads you travel there are a lot of ways to make sure you are safe I hope that my post helps you are someone in the way to plug a tire if you have any questions are concerns feel free to leave them at the bottom of the post and I do thank you for your time in visiting my site

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