Top Six 2020 Cars/ Good Gas Mileage,

Hello  everyone today we are going to be writing about gas mileage and the top six 2020 cars with good gas mileage if you’re like me I love to save money and there are lots of ways to save out there that includes buying a car that get you great gas mileage even though the market has turned to the SUV type vehicle the economy cars are still in high demand I am going to cover the top cars to save you that gas money so without further a due let’s check them out

The Mitsubishi Mirage G4

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The Mitsubishi Mirage is one of the best low-cost cars out on the market today the gas mileage is great at 35 mpg in the city and 40 on the highway and the MSRP is $14,995 to $17,745 if gas milage is what your looking for this car is the one to look at and it is a low cost

The 2020 hundi accent,

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The Hyundai Accent is another low-cost car it uses a little more gas than the mirage the accent is still one of the low gas mileage cars on the market it ranges from 33 mpg combined with 29 mpg in the city 39 mpg on the highway the cost of the Accent is low too with the MSRP from $16,125 to $19,225 this makes it one of the sought after cars in the market

2020 honda civic,

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The civic has always held its ground as one of the most sought after cars in the market and it really hasn’t lost its touch in today’s market as one with low gas mileage and a sportier look with 32 mpg combined it gets 32/city and 42/highway the sticker price is a little higher than the Accent and mirage at $19,750 to $27,600 but if you like a little more power and still great gas mileage the civic is worth looking at

2020 Toyota Camry,

good gas mileage

The Toyota Camry is another sought after new cars in history and also one of the most efficient cars it stays with all the other brands in gas mileage but with more room and a sleek look it really is a fine machine it gets 34 mpg combined with 29 mpg city and 41 mpg highway gas mileage is great and the price tag on this machine is $24,425 to $35,195 it is a bit pricey on the high-end but if you don’t need all the extras you could go with the low cost it is your choice.

2020 Honda accord,

good gas mileage

The 2020 honda accord is one of the finest cars on the market today with its sleek look and roomy cab you have to appreciate the accord and the gas mileage is great too as it gets 33 mpg combined with 30/city and 38/highway the price tag is from $23,870 to $36,100 so if you like gas mileage along with looks, room this is a definite test drive.

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2020 Nissan Altima,

Last but not least the 2020 Nissan Altima is still standing the ground on the gas mileage wars the Nissan is made to last and they have the look the horsepower and the room that buyers desire with the mpg is 32 mpg combined and it gets 28/city and 39/highway the price tag runs around $24,100 to $35,180

Finale thought,

I would like to thank you for visiting my website I do hope it will help you in your car shopping adventure if you ever need to ask a question or you have a comment that would help me I would love to help also and will answer asap and again thank you

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  1. Thanks for the view of the cars based on their mileage. It is one of the things I definitely look for when I look for a new or used car. I also need room, though. Which car would you say has the most leg room? Also, do any of these cars sit up higher? I find it easier to get in and out if the car sits up a bit higher. From what I have seen, I would say it would be a toss-up between the Toyota Camry and the Nissan Altima. Even the price range is comparable. Since this car would be for traveling back and forth from Minnesota to Michigan, the gas mileage is a definite plus!

    1. the Altima is great for room and it does sit up higher I have owned 2 Altima and love them I also own the Sentra And I thank you for your comments and questions if I can be of any more help just let me know

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