About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to my website I hope it will truly help you in your search for whatever your needs are please enjoy my post and images and when you are done please feel free to comment 0n any concerns or questions you may have.


My name is Michael Beaver I’m 52-years-old. I have always had a great interest for just about anything motorized if its got wheels I can drive it are work on it my first thing on wheels was a skateboard just check my blog post out on this site I like to go fast and look good while I’m doing it my first customized job was a 1977 iron head Harley Davidson motorcycle and I still have it and I have had a lot of nice cars and some not so nice but I always kept the running, I also have an online passion of affiliate marketing and that is one of my jobs and I drive heavy equipment and that is my day job.so if you are resing  my about me age  that means you are visiting my website and I would like to thank you feel free to leave a comment are question



I love helping people in their passion for cars and motorcycle’s if I can give out ideas for there project that they are trying  to complete and can lead them to a cheaper way out for any part are accessories it would be a pleasure because I know how busy life can get while you’re trying to succeed in finishing project at hand please feel free to leave a reply at  the bottom of any of my post on this website if you have some questions are concerns are if you want to leave a review



My goal for this website is to help people that are having trouble figuring out how to fix cars and motorcycles and were to find parts to fix them and which car are motorcycles are best to purchase and where to find them the goal of my site is to help people the best I can

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out

All the best,

Michael B Beaver